​​​​​​​Attending the University of Florida, I pursued an in-depth research and application of art in various mediums. I expanded on this training during my studies abroad in Paris, where I focused on eighteenth century design at the Louvre Museum. Afterward, I obtained my Master’s of Fine Arts at Florida State University where I matured and evolved as a multimedia artist. During this time, I learned and practiced principles and techniques of fine arts and continually challenged myself to create higher caliber pieces. My lifelong enthusiasm for graphic design eventually led me to Indian River State College, where I honed my skills using the latest software and systems, incorporating all what I have learned into my visuals and animation creations. 

As a graphic and multimedia artist my goal is to engage viewers and appeal to them using aesthetically intriguing illustrations. I believe good design is essential to creating compelling images and that every choice from fonts to pictures and from lighting to animation should not only capture the viewer’s attention, but also their imagination. I consider creating art a privilege and strive to continually produce pieces that will stand out and speak to my audience. 

Please feel free to reach out to me regarding your design needs. Whether you are seeking graphics for digital or print media, branding, packaging, or events, I will happily work with you to create a unique and personal look for your message.
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