When creating a digital illustration, I treat it as if it were a painting. First, thumbnail sketches to build a concept. Once that is formed, I begin collecting images that will  be incorporated. This is called, photo bashing, a technique, mostly to add texture. The images are blended in using a painterly method. I treat the illustration as if it were an oil painting. Like a paintbrush, the stylus, blends in the images. Atmosphere, color harmony, luminosity of light and space and dynamic movement, to name a few,  are essential qualities I'm mindful when creating a digital illustration. Top, is an example of a completed digital illustration, Sphinx. Below Sphinx, are the images that were used in its development. As you can see, the final image is a completely new work of art, within it are the images used to add texture.

Princess of Your Domain

Musical Escape

Chocs The Lion King


The Apocalypse, The Letter

The Apocalypse,  Demise

The Apocalypse, Famine 

Glitter with Fire


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