When I create a digital illustration, I treat it as if it were a painting. First, I sketch a series of thumbnails to build a concept. Once that is formed, I collect images that I will use to create texture. Using some of the Photoshop editing tools, I cut and harvest individual components from the collection and blend them together forming a seamless whole, a brand new composition. I develop an aerial atmospheric perspective, evaluate color harmony, and ensure there is movement within the image. This attention to detail helps ensure the visual will have cohesion and added interest. I add layers of color, altering it where needed and using adjustment effects to ensure the outcome I want. Mostly used is the paintbrush tool. Like a paintbrush, I paint, blending in the images and features. Then, I manipulate the illustration further by altering contrast of lights and darks, sharpness and scale ratios, making any further adjustments necessary to complete the look. I paint to create the illusion of light and space, highlighting the focal point of the image using some of the Photoshop editing tools. Below is an example of a completed image, followed by images that were used in its development. As you can see, the final image is a completely new piece of art, but if you look closely you can see where elements of the images were applied.
Princess of Your Domain
Musical Escape
Chocs, The Lion King
The Apocalypse, The Letter
The Apocalypse, Demise
The Apocalypse, Famine
Glitter with Fire
Space World
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